Detroit, MI. Every day more and more SPSE teams return to the streets to evangelize! Yet another team is back out there, as you’ll see in today’s story.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Patti with our St. Leo’s Soup Kitchen team in Detroit, MI:

It was wonderful to be back evangelizing at St. Leo’s Kitchen! My partners were not able to join me, so Beth kindly offered to be my partner. Some of the guests were people I have prayed with before and some were new faces. In almost all situations, people accepted our invitation to receive prayer and very willingly came to the table to choose a medal, rosary, etc. Each guest had their own story and cross to bear. More importantly, they realized that we need to give thanks to Jesus Christ for the Blessings we have as we knock on His door.

We always feel so welcomed by the staff, who also enjoy praying with us and willingly accept the gifts of rosaries, medals and believe in the power of prayer. I felt we were able to keep it a safe outing, considering the new parameters with which we have to work. Firstly, we evangelized outdoors which was a most refreshing experience. All people were asked to put on their masks, we had hand sanitizer available, we kept our social distance and all items were in small plastic bags.

Beth said her best encounter was with the workers Ron, Darnell, and the gentleman who was at the desk. They all appreciated the prayers. I reminded them that in serving the poor they are serving Christ and I thanked them for their witness of Love!! “Whatever you do to the least of these you do for me.”

So happy that we have found a workable way to continue this experience! We will go back sometime in August.

Praised be Jesus Christ!