Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Br. John with our Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

I was parked in my car at the Secretary of State waiting for my appointment. While waiting, I had my window down and was listening to praise and worship songs. The lady parked next to me shouted over, β€œHey what church do you go to?” We began to talk and she introduced herself as Tabitha, but quickly she realized it was time for her appointment. Not too long after I went in for my appointment. While in line, I spotted her and asked if she’d be interested in talking and praying together afterwards. She said yes, and after I finished my appointment I found her waiting by her car for me. We talked for a good while and she said she used to be Catholic but goes to a non-denominational church now. We prayed together for our needs and the great things that God was doing. We blessed each other and exchanged contact information.

A few days later Tabitha invited me to visit her church but it was canceled that day. Instead, we talked and prayed together with some friends. She asked about Catholicism and my mission here. We touched briefly on some of the problems in the Church but also on the good things her local Catholic parish was doing. We plan to connect again and explore the beauty of our faith.

Praised be Jesus Christ!