La Jolla, CA. We seek peace and comfort in so many things of the world. And while it’s not bad to, for example, go to the beach and relax, people must realize that true peace comes only from Jesus Christ. Hopefully our team was able to impart that message to the people that connected with in today’s story.

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The following report comes to us from regional missionary Reggie with Central San Diego SPSE:

We went beach evangelizing with St. Paul Evangelization at La Jolla Shores last Friday and it was such an amazing time. Just nonstop praying for people and God encounters with people, just one after the other. I’ll say it is not like that all the time. The last time I experienced that was last January.

Another highlight of the night was when speaking with a young mother who was into New Age. I asked her if she ever believed before and said in high school she’d go to a Christian church and she experienced something powerful. We spoke for a long time. One thing I shared with her was about God’s perfect and unconditional love for us and how just as you love and want best for your kids, God loves you and wants the best for you, but He loves us perfectly and unconditionally. And just as you don’t want your kids to be estranged from you when they grow up, God is the same with you and wants to be close to you and to have a relationship with you. We got to pray for her, I asked her what we could pray for and she said she felt a lot of turmoil in her life. We prayed for her to be filled with God’s love and peace and some other stuff. After praying for her she said she felt calmer and we all gave her a hug.

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