Detroit, MI.

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The following report comes to us from our Eastern Market team in Detroit, MI:

Last Saturday, six of us made it out to Eastern Market in Detroit to evangelize. We tried to split up into two teams to maximize our effectiveness.

The first story comes from evangelist Arianna, who encountered a friendly young woman in passing. Arianna explained it this way: “She accepted a rosary after I asked if she’d like one. We began to talk about the importance of prayer and I mentioned how the Rosary acts as an armor for us, spiritually. I continued, explaining that praying the Rosary (which I explained is essentially meditating on the life of Jesus) makes us stronger. This turned into me asking her where she goes to church, soon learning that she does not go to church currently. She shared her thoughts saying church can be celebrated in your heart, although without church, you lack community. So I asked her to think of a comparison I’d heard from a fellow evangelist: All God asks for us is one hour a week to be in His presence. If we love our grandmother, but don’t ever visit her and spend time with her when she invites us over every Sunday, do we really love her? All in all, Mark and I both had a very warm and productive conversation with this woman. She even allowed me to pray for her then and there before she left.

Our next story comes from Br. John and newcomer Mike. Br. John described their experience: “It was Mike’s first time street evangelizing and he was a natural by the table and walking the streets with me. Before setting up the table we started with prayer and praising God in song right in the parking lot at the trunk of my car. Rosaries, medals, explanations, prayers, blessings, and so much joy everywhere we went! One man said he had asked God for these “beads” because he remembered them from someone at church and he knew that receiving the medal was a sign from God that he was going to be protected and blessed. He just couldn’t believe God sent us his way when he really needed it most.

I couldn’t help but admire Arianna, who was on fire, offering rosaries and blessings non-stop to passersby. It was a beautiful summer day with fantastic evangelization results. We concluded with lunch together having great fellowship, talking about saints and thanking God.

Praised be Jesus Christ!