Detroit, MI. Today we’re featuring the second part of our two-part story from an evangelization outing that took place at Eastern Market in Detroit.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Beth with our National SPSE team in Detroit, MI:

I love wearing my “Let’s Pray” button when evangelizing. Thank you to Troy and Bill from the Lincoln Park team who gave it to me. When people don’t break stride for a rosary sometimes they’ll stop when you say “Can I pray for you?” It’s a great way to slow people down and open a conversation. Today I was able to pray with a number of people…singles, couples, and families…it was amazing to see how prayer allowed them to step away from the busy-ness of the day for a bit. They could open their hearts and receive God’s grace. When I pray, I try to include the kerygma in the prayer:

At Eastern Market, I was offering to pray with pretty much anyone that walked by. At one point a young man walked by, and when I asked if he’d like to pray he responded emphatically “NO!” and kept on walking. You can hardly blame him…it’s unusual for a random stranger to come and ask you for prayer. However, God used that rejection (Romans 8:28). After the young man walked away it looks like the Holy Spirit started working in his heart. He felt bad that he rejected prayer and so he bought a little gift and came back to the table to apologize for being rude. I love the fact that a random stranger asking to pray for him broke into his day and reminded him of Jesus and how important it is to pray. Praise God!! I’m so glad that the young man was open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. A humble and contrite heart He will not spurn. This also reminded me of the power of our witness to Jesus when we are on the street. Not just to the people we speak with, but for all who see us. You never know how God is working in someone’s heart. What looked like a rejection was in fact an opportunity for someone to draw nearer to God.

Praised be Jesus Christ!