Boise, ID. When a person is truly ready and willing to come back to their Catholic faith or convert, God will help provide the correct people to direct them rightly.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

Altogether, we gave away perhaps 20 rosaries and its pamphlet today, two maps of area parishes, two copies of the kerygma, and one Confession brochure. Here are just two stories from the day:

Sometimes people are already interested in becoming Catholic or returning to their faith, and all we have to do is point them in the right direction! Such was the case with a man who, when we asked if he would like a rosary, responded “Yes”, and came over to the table to ask about the process to become Catholic. We explained the RCIA process and said if he started now, he could come into the Church next Easter. We gave him a map with contact information for area parishes and encouraged him to join the classes now forming.

Another such case of an individual who didn’t require any convincing was Brandon, a former Catholic from across the country, who was interested in connecting with a local parish. I handed him a map of area parishes and then asked if he’d also like a copy of the Confession brochure. He gave a sigh, quickly followed by “yes, I’d better do that.” May his enthusiasm to get to Mass again through Reconciliation come to fruition in action.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Please keep Fr. Rob, the pastor of the team leader in today’s story, in your prayers, as he has contracted COVID 19.