Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Michael from our National SPSE in Warren, MI:

Five evangelists made it out to Eastern Market in Detroit this past Saturday. We set up down the street from our normal spot, as a political party had arrived earlier than we did and staked claim to the street corner. We had some good conversations with passersby and even got to share in some fellowship afterward.

Bob spoke with a young gentleman who appeared to either be on a work break or had just finished his shift. He shared some basic elements of our faith and passed along a free Rosary and pamphlet to the young man, and he seemed to be sincerely listening. Then, the gentleman asked if he could call our evangelist to ask some questions about the faith, which he was more than happy to oblige. Bob gave him his card and phone number.

An elderly man slowly passed by us, looking at our table full of rosaries. Mark said that everything on the table was free and offered a chain with a crucifix and Miraculous Medal to the man. Alonso, the man on the mobility scooter, stopped, accepted the chain and asked for a blue rosary too. Mark handed Alonso a blue rosary and pamphlet on how to pray with it. Arianna joined the conversation and spoke to Alonso for over half an hour, teaching him how to pray. She patiently walked him through the process of praying the Rosary and answered any questions he had.

Praised be Jesus Christ!