Boise, ID.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

The Rosary seems to have a power to draw Catholics, active or inactive, and sometimes even some Protestants too. Today two evangelists, Chuck and myself, were available. Altogether we gave away 25-30 rosaries and its booklet, and at least one copy of the kerygma.

Two women stopped. One wanted a rosary, the other was a non-Catholic Christian. While Chuck helped the first woman choose a rosary, Lucy explained the devotion to the second, and how it was a way of growing closer to Jesus Christ. She still declined receiving a rosary, but accepted the booklet and the encouragement to use it to deepen her relationship with Christ.
A big family group was enjoying the fountain. One of the adults, a man wearing a “Funcle” t-shirt, came over to choose a rosary, saying “I haven’t unpacked mine yet”. A young girl from the group came to pick out a rosary with her uncle as well. Then, after the group had started walking away, another man from the family came back to ask for prayers. “Josh” has lost the hearing in one ear and it makes him dizzy sometimes, so we prayed for him for healing.

A mom and two children (under 7 years old) sat at a picnic table not far from us. After a while, the oldest of the two boys came to the table. He did not know what the Rosary was, nor did he think he was a Christian. He took a pamphlet, Rosary, and a copy of the kerygma for his mother. Sometimes God can reach a parent with the truth through their children.

Praised be Jesus Christ!