Boise, ID.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

Myself and one other evangelist made it out today to share the gospel. Altogether, we gave away 15-20 rosaries, a copy of the Catechism, two copies of the kerygma, two copies of “What About Mary?”, and one copy each of “Marian Doctrines” and “Common Objections”.

A non-Catholic Christian couple, perhaps in their early 30s, passed us by. But the second time they came through the square, they stopped for a free rosary. The woman chose one, and we began explaining the devotion. Then the man said, “Yes, I’ve become very curious about Catholicism.” That alerted Chuck, and he briefly shared with our visitor what brought him to conversion a few years ago. He lamented that we normally had a Catechism to give out but didn’t have room on our table anymore. I quickly produced our last copy out of our bag and gave it to him. By the time they left, they each had a rosary, as well as a copy to share of the Catechism, and three basic FAQ pamphlets: “What About Mary?”, “Marian Doctrines”, and “Common Objections”. Please pray for them.

A man named Darren reminded us that he had stopped for a rosary a couple years ago, and had played us a song. He was grateful for the rosary, said it was meaningful, and had given it to his grandmother. He was now back in town to help his parents. He chose another rosary and played us another song, this time on his harmonica.

Last, but not least, a couple went by, the woman saying they were Catholic and already prayed the Rosary every day. Chuck asked her to pray it once for us! She said she would, and then thanked us for being out there.

Praised be Jesus Christ!