La Jolla, CA.

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The following report comes to us from Reggie, a regional missionary and leader of our Central San Diego team in CA:

Last night we went beach evangelizing again. We had a great time and spoke and prayed with many people. I had the table out but had just moved it when I took this picture. One highlight conversation I had was with a woman who was interested in learning about Catholicism and wondered about praying to the Saints. In brief, I shared with her how we worship God alone but have brothers and sisters in Christ in heaven who pray and intercede for us. Just how you might ask a friend or someone you knew close to God to pray for you, we can ask the saints who are alive in heaven with God to pray for us. They are alive in heaven because God is the God of the living and not the dead. We spoke more about other stuff, I gave her a Miraculous Medal and we prayed over her. We invited her to our bonfire and she stayed and praised the Lord with us.

After evangelizing we had our bonfire and sang praise and worship. The Goretti group joined us this week and we had a lot more families with more children singing praise with us, which was so beautiful. I was leading praise so I didn’t take more and better pictures. Praise the Lord, it has been such a blessing these past Fridays. I really want to encourage you to come out and join us.

Praised be Jesus Christ!