Cincinnati, OH. Today’s story features one of our Virtual School students evangelizing during one of his St. Vincent de Paul visits. How wonderful that God used his simple gesture to deeply touch the heart of this woman.

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The following report comes to us from Virtual School of Evangelization student Don in Cincinnati, OH:

At the end of our recent St. Vincent de Paul visit I gave out a Sacred Heart holy card, a Catholic Prayer Devotional and a pocket Catholic Catechism. Sometimes I will give out a pocket New Testament if they do not have a Bible. My usual script runs like this: “This is called the Sacred Heart. It is a symbol of God’s love for us. We grow in our relationship through prayer and this is about the Catholic Church.” After I say that, I will allow the Holy Spirit to guide me to say more or just be silent.

This week I started with the Gospel card from SPSE. I only got through the “God loves you” part when she became very emotional. I didn’t get to finish the rest of what I would normally say, but still gave her the other things I usually give out. My plan is to try to give the Gospel to at least one person when I do SVdP visits.

Praised be Jesus Christ!