Bloomfield, MI. Even in this pandemic, the Lord is still working powerfully. The evangelist in today’s story is involved in several teams, but unfortunately only one of them can get out monthly. She’s noticed that SPSE evangelists wind up having this stored up the love that must be released. (Of course, it is the Love of the Lord working in us.) Luckily, she found someone to unleash that love on, as we’ll see in today’s story.

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The following report comes to us from regional missionary Anne in Bloomfield, MI:

I was squeezing in a quick walk very early in the morning. I entered a small, quiet, neighborhood near my home. As I turned onto the entrance street, I saw from a great distance, a tall slim man, standing next to his lawn-spraying truck. My heartfelt compassion for this man immediately as I heard, in my heart, “mouth.” I thought, “Oh boy, I don’t have time, Lord.” But I didn’t receive direction from the Lord, so I proceeded.

As I approached his truck, he was sitting inside looking at his paperwork. He looked about 60. Because it was cold, his window was shut. It’s not uncommon for me to take the closed window “as a sign” to keep walking. This time I decided to tap on his mirror and smiled. After greeting him, I said, “Might you have any problems with your mouth, and if so, may I pray for you?”. He took off his reading glasses and said that he did and I asked about how long the issue was going on. He said when he was one or two he had rheumatic fever and the medicine (tetracycline) had softened his teeth. He then indicated that the top teeth were “fake”. I asked about pain and he said he had none. After telling him my name and getting him, I began with a prayer of thanksgiving for the day, our getting a chance to meet, and that he had no pain at the present. I prayed for his mouth to be restored to full health and also for him to know how much God loved him as well as for a few other things I felt inspired to say including that God is in this time in history and is with us. Getting to proclaim Jesus and what He has done for us strengthens me! We parted ways – he hopped out of the truck and rang the customer’s doorbell, while I walked away humbled by how much God loves the world and His people.

Praised be Jesus Christ!