Crystal, MN.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Sharon with our St. Raphael team in Crystal, MN:

Today, the St. Raphael School had to postpone their Rake-A-Thon fundraiser as we were blessed with at least six inches of snow this past week which had not fully melted. However, the cold turn of weather showed how needed the K of C Coats for Kids giveaway truly was.

We set up our table a few feet away from the Knights of Columbus in the parking lot by the St. Raphael School. Phil and Sharon were joined by a new and very eager recruit, Dave. Most of the 10-12 families that stopped to receive free coats also looked at our table. Everyone who paused at the SPSE table picked up at least one medal and usually other items at well. One happy father of a St. Raphael School student asked if the Bible on the table was free. I said “yes”, and offered him a Catechism that was also displayed. Phil engaged a woman who was raised Baptist but said she is using this time of streamed church services to try different churches. Phil offered her a parish bulletin along with the other items she picked up. Dave chatted with a woman whom he found out is Jewish.

We hope the blessed medals taken will bring everyone closer to God. This was a great way to evangelize and we hope we can work with the Knights next year if they have a coat giveaway at St. Raphael.

Praised be Jesus Christ!