Warren, MI. It seems like we can turn politics into a religion at times if we’re not careful. While it’s important to try and get the most moral candidate elected, we must remember to place our hope in God and not a politician. The evangelist in today’s story was able to make a connection with a fellow Christian while in line to vote, turning a civic duty into an opportunity to talk about Our Lord.

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The following report comes to us from Br. John with our Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

I was in line to vote early and it was very cold. I started talking to the lady and her son behind us about the weather. I made a comment about God taking care of things and it was received well so I continued the conversation toward faith. Turns out she, Sarah, and her son Jerry are strong Christians at a local church so we talked more about God, the state of the world, and His providence.

As we continued to talk, she asked about my conversion so I shared my testimony and specifically mentioned attending Mass and being intrigued by the words of the priest. After I finished voting she was still waiting for her son so we talked more. I asked if she wanted to pray and she enthusiastically said yes! We prayed out loud right in the polling center for her family, for the polling center, the election and the whole world. She asked for my contact so I gave her my card and she said she would love to visit our weekly small group. I said absolutely!

Praised be Jesus Christ!