Crystal, MN.

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The following report comes to us from Sharon with our St. Raphael team in Crystal, MN:

Dave, Phil, Peggy and myself set up for what was probably our last drive-thru event of the year on a nice, sunny but windy morning. We had a total of nine people this morning for our first Saturday Drive-Thru event. Here are a few encounters that we had:

We met a woman named Mandy who asked us to pray for her health issues. When Sharon asked Mandy about her faith life, she commented she is Native American and believes in God. Dave had recently watched a movie on EWTN about Kateri Tekakawitha so he mentioned there is a Native American saint. When Sharon gave a brief description of St Kateri and mentioned her smallpox scars disappeared after she died, Mandy was very interested as she has a skin condition. Sharon and Dave gave a brief description of praying to saints and patron saints (probably too brief!) and suggested St Kateri would be a good saint for Mandy to ask for help. Sharon wrote down “Kateri Tekawitha” (yes, I spelled it wrong when giving to Mandy) so Mandy could look up a full biography later on the internet.

Please pray for the intentions of Tony, Tiara, Mirah, Dave, a man who asked us to pray for the soul of his mother, and the rest of the people we talked with.

Praised be Jesus Christ!