Detroit, MI.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Mark with our National SPSE team in Detroit, MI:

Four evangelists from the national office — Beth, Mark, Michael, and Steve — went to evangelize at a farmer’s market on a cool and windy fall day. Anne, who is active with two other evangelization teams, also joined us that day.

Beth and Anne, both of whom are mothers, noticed a young family with a baby in a stroller. Beth started the conversation by talking about parenting and the common challenges for young mothers. The couple, Joshua and Emily, consider themselves to be nondenominational Christian but are thankful for the pro-life work of many Catholic individuals and organizations. The couple often volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center at a nearby Catholic parish. Anne asked if they had ever been to Mass there or ever considered becoming Catholic. Joshua and Emily have attended Mass a couple of times out of curiosity but never seriously considered converting. They used to go to one particular church every week before the Covid-19 pandemic started, but they have not consistently gone to church since March. Anne cited passages from Scripture and stressed the importance of the Sabbath as well as the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Joshua still doesn’t believe in the sacraments yet, but he admitted that he felt drawn to the Catholic Church.

Praised be Jesus Christ!