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What do you say to someone who doesn’t think they need saving?

This month’s ‘Whaddaya Say’ comes from Brendan. Click here to see last month’s responses.

He writes: How do you evangelize someone who doesn’t think they need saving?

It’s easy to evangelize someone who is down, feels bad about their life, is messed up and knows they need to change and knows they need help.

But what about people who are successful, happy, financially well off? Like a well-educated atheist? That’s where my friends are. When you have a rich lawyer with a Porsche, a hot young girlfriend, a fat bank account, and political influence… how do you convince that person they need to change their life? [read more]

Featured Video: Evangelizing Family at Thanksgiving

Hi Team Leaders,

Here are three things to keep in mind for Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends

  1. Build / Restore Relationships (Listen & Befriend)
  2. Bring Hope (1 Peter 3:15)
  3. Be Thankful (God’s proposal)

We are thankful for each one of you. Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Latest Buzz Reminder

Join us this Thursday Evening for the Latest Buzz

This is a great chance to meet other team leaders and evangelists so we can all share updates, stories, trivia and prayer! This month our topic is Sharing the Story of Salvation. Everyone is invited to share the link with your evangelists. It's part of our ongoing effort build up our SPSE community. [read more]

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What's New!

Hi Team Leaders!!

Welcome to our newly formatted Team Leader Newsletter which has become a Team Leader News Page. Here you can learn what’s going on in November. Please pray for our teams.

Latest Buzz: Nov 19 at 7pm EST    Topic: Salvation of Souls – The Story of Salvation

Virtual Street Evangelization Workshop on Saturday November 21 is open to anyone who wants to learn or could use a refresher on how to evangelize. Invite your team members or anyone who may want to join the team, but don’t know how to evangelize yet. Learn more here.

The Featured Story will be about how to talk to family at Thanksgiving about the Catholic faith

Check out the events page to pray for those going out or add your event

Please continue to pray for the souls in purgatory all month

Merciful Father, we ask that you have pity on the souls who are being purified in purgatory. Especially those who stubbornly resisted your love and turned from you in grave ways, but then repented and turned back to you before the end of their lives. Ease their suffering and the suffering of all in purgatory. Hasten their purification, that they soon may join you and all the saints in Heaven for eternity Holy Souls in Purgatory we look to you as pilgrims who have gone before us in this world. As you go through your purification, we ask that you remember us at St. Paul Street Evangelization that we may bring many souls to Jesus.


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