Lorain County, OH.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Markus with our team in Lorain County, OH:

We normally evangelize at a local flea market on Saturdays throughout the year. But since COVID had shut down a lot of activity for a good chunk of the year, we were only able to do so in September, October and one unseasonably warm Saturday in November. It was a joint effort between the Lorain County and Vermillion, OH teams. It was great to get out and we were grateful that flea markets were allowed to reopen.

We gave out lots of rosaries and medals and almost always end up praying with the people who approach our table. People seem much more open and/or desiring an encounter with God this fall than they were last summer at our County fair. I think the pandemic has caused most people to really consider their spiritual life.

Praised be Jesus Christ!