Rochester Hills, MI.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Michael with our National SPSE team:

Last night I was out running errands after work, with my first stop at CVS. As I moved up to the counter to pay, the elderly cashier noticed my brown Fr. Solanus Casey mask, which says “Thank God Ahead of Time” and features a Tau cross next to the phrase. She asked, “Have they made him a saint yet?” I responded that he was still a blessed. Seizing on the opportunity to evangelize, I asked if she was Catholic, and she affirmed that she was. I inquired as to which church she attended. She told me St. Andrew (my church!), but said she hadn’t been in a while due to COVID. I encouraged her to try and go back, although I told her it is a tough situation trying to balance that with staying safe. I departed, saying “God bless you” hoping she was left at least slightly uplifted.

I moved onto my next errand, and yet again encountered someone who commented on my mask. As we both browsed in the vitamin aisle, the older man commented, “Thank God ahead of time…I like that!” I told him, yes, me too, and then explained who had said it and tried to express (though poorly) that it helps instill in us a confidence in God. It seems Our Lord might have been trying to remind me that even though much of the country is starting to shut down again due to increased COVID cases (making evangelization much more difficult), we can still share the Gospel through simple encounters like the ones just mentioned.

Praised be Jesus Christ!