New Port Richey, FL. Every sincere effort to share the Gospel, big or small, is an effort to build the kingdom for Our Lord. In today’s story, we read about a team with a simple table set up by the side of the road offering refreshment (both bodily and spiritual). To people driving by, it may seem like an insignificant thing…but this team is working for the King of the Universe and trying to find people who want to become citizens of Heaven. God bless our New Port Richey team, and all of our teams who work for this most important goal.

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We have a table set up at the corner of a busy road (U.S. 19 and Gulf Drive). We offer free water and snacks for hungry and thirsty travellers and hope that we can share the Gospel with anyone who will stop. Our city is a mixture of retirees and young families who all need the truth of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church!

Praised be Jesus Christ!