Detroit, MI.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Mark with our National SPSE team in Warren, MI:

Four evangelists — Anne, Beth, Mark, and Michael — evangelized outside of a farmer’s market on a cool and windy morning. Despite the inclement weather, there was a lot of foot traffic.
Two evangelists were talking to a couple when another family passed by our table. A young girl, about six years old, saw our sign with an image of Our Lord. Without stopping, the girl looked at the sign and said “Hi Jesus!” Her family didn’t hear her and continued walking. Later on, another young girl, about nine years old, approached our table and asked for a rosary. Mark said that the rosaries are free to everyone but she should ask permission from her parents. Her mother soon caught up and gave permission. Mark offered rosaries and pamphlets to the rest of the family, which they eagerly accepted. Mark asked the mother if she knew how to pray the rosary. She chided back “Oh, we know how to pray!” with a derisive tone of voice and quickly walked away. Pray that these very brief encounters may lead the families closer to Christ and His Mother!

Beth had a lengthy conversation with Taylor, a young woman who was visibly distressed. She confided in Beth that she had a miscarriage a few days before and, naturally, was stricken with grief. It was her first child and she was looking forward to being a mother. However, Taylor’s boyfriend, the father of the child, was unmoved by the miscarriage. Beth prayed with her for her health, for the child that she lost, and for her relationship. Beth told Taylor to trust in the mercy of God and empathized with her grief. She thanked Beth for her time and accepted our contact information to follow up. May St. Catherine of Sweden, patron of those who suffered miscarriage, console and intercede for Taylor.

Praised be Jesus Christ!