Austin, TX. To prepare their diaconate candidates, Deacon Guadalupe asked St. Paul Evangelization to come to Austin and train them how to evangelize. We had about 30 men and their wives show up. After Adam trained them on the basics, we hit the streets for an hour to share the good news. Today is the third part in the series of stories from that experience.

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The following report comes to us from a student of our recent evangelization training in Austin, TX:

When we got out to 6th street, we noticed there were a ton more homeless than in years past. It looks a lot like San Francisco does now that they passed a law that anyone can live anywhere on public land. Our group talked to a lot of people, but mostly with the homeless.

I came out not expecting a lot, but we left with unbelievable graces. We prayed over quite a few people. First guy that came by had a big sore on his neck. He was so receptive to our prayer…at first I thought he was messing with us. And you could feel the Holy Spirit working so powerfully, it was just unbelievable. Another memorable experience was when two women were riding by on scooters. We were able to get them to stop and start talking to them. One of the young women had just lost her mother and she broke down. You could feel the Holy Spirit give her peace, and she was so thankful. It was really something I was not expecting. We just had such an amazing experience.

Praised be Jesus Christ! After the amazing fruit from this brief experience, they’ve decided to go out the next weekend…and hopefully in many weekends to come!