Austin, TX. To prepare their diaconate candidates, Deacon Guadalupe asked St. Paul Evangelization to come to Austin and train them how to evangelize. We had about 30 men and their wives show up. After Adam trained them on the basics, we hit the streets for an hour to share the good news. Today is the third part in the series of stories from that experience.

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The following report comes to us from several students of our recent evangelization training in Austin, TX:

Our first group had a sort of “Biblical” encounter: We met a gentleman named Rob. He was very hesitant because he couldn’t see because he didn’t have his glasses on or contacts in. When he came up to us, he asked us to pray for his nephew who had overdosed on heroin. All I could see during this encounter was the story of the paralytic, and how his friends lowered him down through the roof and placed him at the feet of Jesus to be healed. That’s exactly what he was doing for his nephew. Please pray for Philip who OD’d on heroin.

Our second group witnessed a God lighten a woman’s load: Three of us were evangelizing together and ran into a young lady named Miranda. We asked if we could pray for her, and once she gave permission, we gathered around her and started. And you could just see stuff falling off of her…the weight of whatever she was carrying. There was more stuff going on with her too, but she kind of pulled back a bit. We couldn’t get all the way there, but I could tell she was delivered from some stuff.

Praised be Jesus Christ!