San Diego, CA.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Steve with our teams in San Diego, CA:

This time around we met a young woman raised in a mixed family (Greek Orthodox and Catholic.) Her father recently became more serious about his Catholic faith, so her curiosity is piqued. She has stopped by our table several times. Please pray that God leads her to her true home with the Catholic faith.

Next we met a man whose testimony actually blessed me. He has Multiple Sclerosis, but deals with it in remarkable ways. He has a job, and refuses to apply for disability due to his MS. Though compromised, he wants to make it on his own. He’s also homeless and estranged from his family, but sees it all as a challenge that God gives him the strength to endure. All Glory to God! Please keep him in your prayers.
We even had two young men (in their 20’s), Don and DeAngelo, who had just arrived from Texas stop at our table and help us pass out Rosaries and literature. Strangely, their faith didn’t seem to be very strong (I’d describe it as dormant), but maybe there’s something there.

Praised be Jesus Christ! In addition to these, please pray for the many other souls we encountered (there are too many to list here! God knows who they are and their needs.)