Bloomington, IN.

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The following report comes to us from Fr. Ignatius who helped our former team in Bloomington, IN, sharing a follow-up report from a man who was evangelized several years ago:

My name is Brian, and I wanted to praise you for your street evangelization efforts and let you know they have bore fruit, at least with me. I stopped to speak with you several years ago when you were set up in downtown Bloomington, to ask about how to deal with a particular temptation I was facing. You gave some good advice, but also gave me a simple Miraculous Medal on a chain. It was nothing fancy, but I put it on that day and have been wearing a necklace honoring Our Lady ever since. Since then, Our Blessed Mother has worked. her grace in me and has slowly but steadily been bringing me deeper into the faith. I frequent the Sacraments, pray a daily Rosary and my trust and reliance on Our Lady and Our Lord has grown substantially.

Finally, I would like to add that the fruit of your evangelization efforts is multiplying, because my seven year old son proudly wears a Miraculous Medal on the outside of his shirt daily and has an active interest in our faith. Thank you for your efforts!

Praised be Jesus Christ!