Cincinnati, OH. A required part of class for our virtual school of evangelization students is going out on the street and evangelizing. Today’s story features students sharing the Gospel in a local park. While he honestly shares some of his failures, we know that if he sticks with it God will continue to help him improve. All he (and all of us) have to do is be faithful.

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The following report comes to us from Virtual school of evangelization student Donald in Cincinnati, OH:
On Sunday, we had an SPSE outing at Smale Park. There were five evangelists total including myself. We did the standard set up: table, sign, Rosaries, Miraculous Medals, pamphlets and information. The first hour was slow with no responses from anyone.
Thankfully, things picked up in the second hour. I spoke with several people, and tried to share the kerygma with two of them but only got through the first part (“God loves you…”). One of them…well, she just moved on. With the other person, I just faltered. Even though I have it memorized and have practiced it many times I just forgot the next part. I did pray with a lot of people. And even had one person want to pray for us!
Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank God for our school of evangelization students who are willing to get out on the streets and try to share the good news. The first few times can be rather intimidating, but the only way we can improve is by actually getting out there and doing it!