Boise, ID. Every now and again, evangelists encounter a vocal enemy of the church. Today’s story features one such individual, and sadly we are able to see his anger negatively affect others who may have been interested in the Church.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

Two evangelists were available today. One of our encounters was with a mom who was accompanied by two preteen girls. She stopped to allow the girls to each have a Rosary. Lucy asked the older girl if she and her family were Christian. “Sometimes” was the probably all-too-honest answer. Besides a Rosary and pamphlet on how to pray it, Lucy gave her a copy of the kerygma.

A man rode by twice, each time shouting at us as if we approved and supported the priest sex-abuse scandal. He didn’t slow down enough to reply but, the second time, a family who looked like they were approaching our table evidently changed their minds and didn’t stop. Please pray for all involved.

Last (but not least), a man, hastening to make a delivery, asked if we took donations. When we said no, he hurried away. A couple of steps later, though, he turned around and asked, “Then, how much are your Rosaries?” “Free,” we said. “I’ll be back,” he replied. A few minutes later, he indeed returned, selected a Rosary, and received the pamphlet on how to pray it. He didn’t engage in any further conversation.

Praised be Jesus Christ! God does not want the sinner to perish, but that he turn from evil and be saved (Ezek 33:11).