Crystal, MN.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Sharon with our St. Raphael team in Crystal, MN:

Originally, we planned to give out Miraculous Medals at Easter, but we needed to postpone until Christmas. Four people bagged medals strung on chains and a Miraculous Medal card in small sealable bags for the Christmas medal giveaway. Still, the pandemic ruined our plans for a more personal touch to physically hand out the medals and greet Mass-goers.

Phil arrived before the first vigil Mass on Christmas Eve to place baskets at all entrances with Miraculous Medals. Phil also placed an announcement in the bulletin and wrote an announcement to read at the Christmas Eve/Day Masses and at the December 26 vigil/December 27 Masses about the medal give away. Approximately 620 English medals and 95 Spanish medals were taken by Mass goers over the long Christmas weekend.

The parish office was contacted by two people who requested medals after the remaining medals were picked up Monday morning. Sharon left a few at the front desk saying more were available if more requests came in.

Praised be Jesus Christ!