Warren, MI. Sometimes God arranges meetings for our evangelists with members of other denominations, although the express purpose might not be immediately understood. Perhaps to introduce them to the fullness of the truth through us, or maybe there is something we need to learn. Today our SPSE staff was able to talk with a Protestant pastor about our evangelization experiences as we built each other up as members (albeit separated) in the body of Christ.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Br. John with our National SPSE team in Warren, MI:
One of our staff was recently selling an item online and received a response from a gentleman who was interested. They agreed on a price and time to meet up to exchange the item for payment. After some small talk, it turns out this gentleman was a Protestant pastor for a local church. Of course, our staff member informed him of our apostolate, St. Paul Evangelization. So we decided to invite him for lunch and a little ecumenical dialogue.
The gentleman, Pastor Keith, stopped by our SPSE National office around noon. He sat down for pizza along with a few members of our SPSE staff, and we ate and chatted about the goodness of the Lord and evangelization. Turns out he was a pastor not only to average Protestant men and women, but also to bikers and had even shared the joy of the Lord with a few famous actors along the way! He admitted it was easier to speak to a large group of people about the Lord than it was to do one on one. We tried to encourage him that, although challenging, individual conversations usually bear the most fruit. We also mentioned that it’s about planting seeds and letting God do the heavy lifting.
After talking for several hours and sharing some laughs and our testimonies with him (along with the fullness of truth in Catholicism), it was time for both of us to get on with our day. Our staff member and Pastor Keith took care of their transaction for the item, and we all exchanged information. Pastor Keith even expressed interest in meeting up again to talk. We bid him farewell and wished him all the best in his efforts to bring souls to the Lord.
Praised be Jesus Christ!