Boise, ID.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

You may recall a man, “Manny”, who has had some lengthy conversations with the evangelists over the last couple of years. He still struggles with his and his family’s dealings with the occult as well as the belief that he has been hexed. He showed up again at Mass last week, late, and in an agitated state. After changing his mind and starting to leave several times, he finally sat down. He left in a rush after Mass so Chuck was not able to talk with him. Pray that Manny keeps answering the Holy Spirit’s call.

Two of three older teens on skateboards, with enthusiasm (and much profanity), accepted our offer of a free Rosary. The teen Chuck talked to didn’t know anything about the Rosary but saw that it had a cross on it. He said over and over that he loved Jesus. He went on to say how awesome it was that God loved everybody no matter who they were or what they did. While it’s true God loves all, Chuck replied, He wants us to become more like his Son. The teen was not listening, resumed vaping, and jumped on his skateboard to catch up with the friend who bypassed the table. Mother those boys, Holy Mary, and point them to the way to everlasting life.

A tall man with a southern drawl accepted a Rosary. He said he knew a lot about it because some of his family were Catholic, although he was a non-Catholic Christian. Part of his family had immigrated from a Catholic country, but lost their Catholicism when they settled in the southern US and conformed to the anti-Catholic culture around them. But our visitor’s grandmother, sister, and perhaps another family member had come back to the Catholic Church. Please pray for all Catholics who struggle to hold onto their Faith amid hostile surroundings.

Praised be Jesus Christ!