Boise, ID. We see that many people stopped and chatted with our team in today’s story, and a good amount of them accepted Rosaries. This is the first story in a two-part series.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

Not sure why, but today we had a 50-90% acceptance rate overall (compared to our historical 10% average). For whatever reason, people were just more open to hearing about Jesus on this day. Two teens were our first visitors. One claimed to be Christian, the other no longer did. They each accepted a chain Rosary and its booklet. The one who had turned away from Christianity accepted a Good News/kerygma pamphlet and the encouragement to spend some time with it as soon as he got a quiet moment.

Almost immediately afterward, two more youths stopped, each wearing a large, dangly, cross earring. They also each accepted a Rosary and its pamphlet. They were Christian, but did not know about the Rosary. They heard out our encouragement to dive deep into the life of Christ through prayer and thanked us.

Then, moments later, two college men made a beeline to our table. They told us they had been friends in high school and had met again in college. They had been delighted to see us because they had just been talking about how they needed to get back to church. They belong to a non-Catholic Christian denomination, but gladly accepted the Rosary and its pamphlet as a way to grow closer to Christ. Pray they heed the Holy Spirit’s call.

Praised be Jesus Christ!