Tampa, FL.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Beth (National SPSE team – Warren, MI) who spent an afternoon sharing the Gospel with our team in Tampa, FL:

While on vacation in Florida, I decided to join Tampa team leader Bill and his team on an outing. We had some good conversations and prayed with some people, but one particular encounter with a woman named Liz stood out. A Protestant evangelist who was about 30 feet away from us was yelling at passersby while holding a sign condemning sinners. Liz had walked up to me and talked about how she’s aware she has her vices (as she looked at the cigarette she was smoking), but that she didn’t need to be judged by that man. She said she appreciated how we had a table set out to talk with people, pray with them, and answer questions.

I tried to strike up a conversation with the man with the sign, but he wouldn’t talk to me at all. He pointed me towards his wife who was filming him, but she wasn’t interested and wouldn’t take one of our Gospel message cards. Her response to the card was “Jesus rose from the dead.” I showed her the verse from Isaiah which showed the card was scriptural, but she wasn’t interested. Please pray for them.

Praised be Jesus Christ!