Warren, MI. Today’s story comes from St. Paul Evangelization’s prayer and info hotline (833-99-JESUS). People can call and ask any faith questions they might have, or ask for prayer.

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The following report comes to us from regional missionary Anne with our team in MI:

β€œI just found out I have lung cancer and I’m so upset.” When hurting souls call our hotline, 1-833-99-JESUS, our evangelists do what they normally do. They listen with love. Listen, befriend, proclaim, invite. We do this whether we are on the street, in a soup kitchen, at a parish festival or fish fry, or answering the prayer line.

This caller, “Mary”, was from Tennessee. Mary had a multitude of worries about herself and her children and their physical and mental health issues, persons in her apartment building breaking the mask-wearing rules, her run-down apartment and most recently, her feeling out of control due to having to make decisions related to her recent cancer diagnosis. Every few minutes she would begin to cry softly. After she told her story, she was invited to pray. We had a wonderful time of prayer!! During the prayer she agreed to, in her mind, to load all the concerns and worries into a red wagon, one-by-one. She pictured herself pulling the wagon over to Jesus and handing it over. The proclamation of what God has done for her was made throughout the prayer. We also thanked God for the people in her life that were helping her make good medical decisions; she came to realize how the Lord had placed numerous people with a medical background in her life. God was at work! When I asked her how she was feeling at the conclusion of prayer, she said Jesus was giving her peace.

Praised be Jesus Christ!