Tempe, AZ.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Sean with our team in Tempe, AZ:

Today evangelists from various Arizona teams (Dave – Phoenix/East Valley, Nancy – Mesa, Susan – Phoenix NW, Sean – Tempe) got together with a visiting evangelist (Tim – Alma/St. Louis, MI) for some time of potluck, prayer and fellowship.
Not too many days after, Tim joined me in downtown Tempe for some evangelization. We encountered a fallen-away Catholic couple from Puerto Rico who told us they are “spiritual” and did not see a reason to attend church or belong to any particular faith community. After speaking briefly about the history of the one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church (and talking about other subjects) they thanked us sincerely for sharing information they had not previously heard.

A few people requested prayer for struggles they are enduring and a few young women promoting a local event stopped to speak with us and, after a quick but fruitful discussion, suggested to each other that they should begin going to church together as they walked away from us. All in all it was a wonderful afternoon in Tempe, AZ!

Praised be Jesus Christ!