Evansville, IL.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

The wind was chilly, it was heavily overcast, and it started drizzling just about closing time. So, as you can imagine, foot traffic was sparse and people were in a hurry. But if you looked closely, you could see the Holy Spirit was still at work. Here’s a few of our encounters.

Early on, a mother and two girls, both under 10, stopped. The mother was at one time a Christian, but was not familiar with the Rosary. I explained the devotion briefly, and they each chose a Rosary and accepted the booklet on how to pray it. The mom indicated that they’d try it.

A middle-aged man came toward the table. I offered him a Rosary. “What?” he asked, and removed his earpiece. She repeated the offer. “Oh,” he said. “No.” He started walking past, but his eye was caught by our sign. He studied one side, then went around and studied the other. I told him we had other information, if he’d like. He came back to the table and said he would like a Rosary. He chose the one that I was praying. I gave him a copy of its booklet, too. Please pray for him. He seemed to be caught in lifestyle issues.

Two college-aged men stopped. One was Christian, but didn’t know about the Rosary. I explained it as a meditation to help them grow closer to Christ, saying that many people found protection and an unexplained sense of peace when they prayed it. They then each selected a Rosary, and took a copy of the booklet as well.

Praised be Jesus Christ!