Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from evangelist Michael with our SPSE National team in Warren, MI:

After one year of COVID, putting on a mask (for some) has almost become a mindless routine. So when a grocery store worker recently commented on the Tau cross on my mask, it took a moment to remember that I was wearing my brown face covering with a powerful message on it: “Thank God ahead of time”, –Fr. Solanus. It had been several months since the mask had sparked conversation, so I was glad that it was happening once again.

When the woman made the comment, I instinctively asked, “Are you Catholic?” She responded rather humorously, “Ya think?!”, followed by, “What, you still can’t smell the fish on my breath from lunch?” (It was a Friday.) My sharp-witted friend then commented that it had been a long time since she’d visited St. Bonaventure in Detroit, so I tried to encourage her to get back since they had recently restored the chapel to its original appearance. I was in the 12 items or less self-checkout line, so it wasn’t an ideal location to carry on a conversation. But I was glad that at least we had the chance to talk about our beloved local Capuchin, and perhaps help her get reconnected with the spiritual oasis in downtown Detroit.

Praised be Jesus Christ!