Belvidere, IL.

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The following report comes to us from virtual school student Dee in Belvidere, IL:

I am a nurse practitioner, and was recently able to evangelize a patient who was having a tough time with pain and family drama. I asked what other ways she used to cope. She replied she did a lot of praying now. I found out that she doesn’t attend a church per se, but a friend seems to have led her to prayer and God. What I recollect was she had an active prayer life, having to “give it over to God (the drama). I replied this was a great coping mechanism.

It seemed like this might be a good time to give her a Miraculous Medal. I asked if she would like a medal/necklace, and she agreed so I put it on her. I explained the history of the medal and how the Virgin Mary leads us closer to her Son and the special graces received for wearing the medal and let the medal be a reminder He and Mary are near. She seemed content with the medal and the prayer. I will have the opportunity to see the patient next month, so I can follow up then.

Praised be Jesus Christ!