Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from Br. John with our Society of Evangelists in Warren, MI:

When I received the package from the delivery lady, I said, “Thank you so much! Hey before you go, do you need a quick prayer for anything?” Mary said, “Why, yes I do,” and told me she was in a car accident, didn’t have a car to drive, and the repair bill is very high. As I started to pray to Jesus I stopped to ask if she believed in God and Jesus and she said yes. I continued to pray for God’s peace in her heart from the accident and to let her know that God is taking care of her and everything is going to be ok. She said, “Wow, thank you so much! No one has ever prayed with me on this job. You just made my day!” “Oh you’re welcome! God loves you so much. Look at how beautiful it is out today!” “It is such a change isn’t it?!” Mary confirmed that she will work this route again so I hope to talk to her again about the loving plan of God for her life!

Praised be Jesus Christ!