Boise, ID. Spring is a time of renewal, which hopefully also reminds us of the fresh start that Jesus presents to us every day. Today’s team went out to evangelize, in hopes of bringing the new Life that Our Lord so lovingly offers to the people that passed by. This is part one of a two-part story.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Lucy with our team in Boise, ID:

Many people seemed distracted by the spring weather, but we (Chuck and I) still connected with a few. A woman on a shamrock-and-Easter-egg-bedecked bike with a trailer, stopped for a Rosary. She chose one, then asked for one for her granddaughter. “Bring her by to get one,” we suggested. She said the cathedral website said it was closed, but we said no, despite construction inside, the Mass schedule hasn’t changed. We gave her a map with the Mass times, and encouraged her to get reconnected. Pray for her return.

Next, a group of about six kids sat at a picnic table near us. When two large pizzas arrived, they polished off both of them in just a few minutes. After listening to us offer free Rosaries for a long time, the older girl came to choose one. Not Christian, she accepted a copy of the kerygma pamphlet, too. She returned to the picnic table and sat reading the Rosary pamphlet. One by one, most of the other children asked for a Rosary, though one boy threw away his pamphlet. Pray especially for the girl, that she will draw closer to Christ through His Mother’s prayer.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Make sure to read part two of this story in tomorrow’s installment of Stories from the Street.