Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from regional missionary Anne with our team in Warren, MI:

“Susan” from Reno, NV left a brief message on our 833-99-JESUS info & prayer line; she said she had some Biblical questions. When I called her back she said she was raised Catholic but was researching different faiths and was considering becoming Seventh Day Adventist. She then proceeded to share the events of the past few years including caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s (and her eventual death), physically destructive neighbors, siblings who band together and belittle her, and isolation due to the pandemic. Her main biblical question was: “Can Satan work through other people?” We had a brief discussion about spiritual warfare and how Satan has a plan and that plan includes our destruction. We prayed about all of her concerns and she felt encouraged and consoled. She also had a plan for next steps including getting in touch with her local parish so that she can receive Communion. The graces of the sacraments and the importance of Christian Community were discussed as well. Thank God for a chance to pray with a sister-in-Christ over the phone.

Praised be Jesus Christ!