Warren, MI.

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The following report comes to us from regional missionary Anne who evangelized with our Society of Evangelists located in Warren, MI:

This was an ad hoc outing with two evangelists and a visitor from Tampa, FL. The weather was perfect and the young man from Tampa was only in town for a short while and wanted to evangelize with SPSE. We first encountered “Nancy”, who was taking a walk in the beautiful city of Birmingham on a warm and windy day. I spotted her and inquired if she needed prayer. The question literally stopped her in her tracks and she began to share about each of her three young adult children and their situations. I inquired about her husband and we added him to our list of things we would pray for and lifted each person and what “Nancy” had mentioned, to the Lord. Before we prayed I asked her to notice anything God was doing in her heart as we prayed and I said I’d do the same. Immediately after prayer, before I even asked what the Lord was doing in her heart she quickly said in a sad tone, “they are all very far from God and the church”. She shared how her faith was so important to her and that her children’s Catholic education did not seem to be making a difference. I asked about images related to the faith at home and she said they had a few images and had Rosaries as well. And since she had never heard of St. Augustine and St. Monica, we chatted about how powerful an intercessor a mother can be. She left feeling uplifted and hopeful.

“We need to pray for your moms – they are raising you!” one of our evangelists said to a group of three eighth-graders walking by. They hurried past our SPSE table but promised they’d be back – and they indeed came back. We asked if they had ever encountered Jesus in a real way in their life. After one said “I’m not sure,” and another, who is Jewish, said “No,” we said a sincere prayer that the Holy Spirit would manifest his presence to them. After a few seconds, both ladies said they were experiencing peace and love in their hearts they couldn’t explain. The young man didn’t experience anything, but nevertheless listened intently and received the gifts as well. We explained how Jesus wanted to break into their lives in a profound way and gave them Miraculous Medals and Gospel cards. When we offered medals, they took them and we were able to share about the medal. We prayed for their moms and dads, and other things they asked us to pray about including good grades and a smooth transition into high school and good, true friends. It seems that these three kids were going to be attending three different high schools. One evangelist sensed that one of the girl’s mothers needed additional prayer due to illness, and one girl said her mother was sick with cancer…three times. She explained that she currently had stage 4 cancer and then about various treatments the mother had gone through and we prayed again for her Mom. I sincerely hope that she felt loved by God, since He brought her mother’s health needs to our evangelist’s mind and heart. Anne continued to minister and pray for her encouragement and mom’s healing.

Praised be Jesus Christ!