Chicago, IL.

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The following report comes to us from evangelization school student Roberta in Chicago, IL:

I was on Telegram (instant messaging) and someone said, “They defiled the rainbow…in it lies the answer to their secrets. The promise and the truth of God’s Word.” Someone replied, “How do you defile a rainbow?” I replied, “God’s covenant with us is a 7-colored rainbow. The LGBT rainbow mocks God and defiles His rainbow – it’s deliberately only 6-colors. 7 is the biblical number for perfection and completeness (e.g., 7 days of creation, 7 sacraments, 7 seals). 6 is the biblical number representing sin and imperfection. The LGBT flag celebrates sin and Satan”. The responses I received were very positive! People were extremely receptive.

One person from Australia responded, “Thank you so much. Since starting my journey I found God our Father and I haven’t read the Bible and I didn’t know much about his word. I was unsure if the Bible had been tampered with or not and I was unsure of my discernment to know the truth so I said to our Father I will hear and learn his word through the people like you. The truth is out there and I just have to hear your hearts. I have learned so much and I love and thank you all. Australia.”
I then suddenly realized that I had just evangelized digitally. I wasn’t even doing that intentionally, but that’s how the Holy Spirit works! In my SPSE virtual class, I had made it one of my goals to evangelize everyone I meet everywhere I go all the time. That would mean evangelizing intentionally and unintentionally (you never know who is observing you and who you might be witnessing to). So I was really excited when I realized that I had just evangelized “by accident.” It was also my first time discussing the evil of LGBT with others.

Praised be Jesus Christ!