Detroit, MI.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Beth with our National SPSE team:

Four evangelists made it out this past Holy Saturday to evangelize (Arianna, Mark, Michael, and I). The first encounter was Arianna and I meeting a Mom and little one where we ended up talking about prayer. The Mom proudly said how the little girl prayed often. She also mentioned that the little one was often afraid at night, so we gave the little girl her own Guardian Angel holy card and I explained that God and His special angel are with her always. We all prayed the Angel of God prayer together. We often forget how vulnerable and innocent the little ones are. It’s a great lesson for them to know and be confident in God’s love as they grow up. As adults we also need to remember, and rely on, the help of our Guardian Angel.

Next, I met parents walking with their children. I gave a rosary to their little girl along with one for her little brother. My impression was that she’ll most likely wear it as a necklace. Parents are often open to taking a rosary or something for their child, but sometimes it seems like they reduce it to just something cute. Like Our Lord is on the same level as the characters in their children’s TV shows. I pray that the Lord breaks into the lives of all families.

Later on I met a Buddhist woman who was very concerned with the division, anger and hate of our world. I tried to point out some common ground–she seemed to believe in the connectedness of humanity, and I told her Catholics believe in one body of Christ, a real body with connection between each part. Also that we believe everyone should strive to live virtuously (she said “be good”) and help their fellow man. I gave her the Gospel message card. In hindsight, I wish I would have asked what people need to do to be good? How can they do it on their own? Can we pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps? How does she do it on her own? I missed the opportunity to share how much I rely on God’s grace and the gift on the sacraments to empower and transform me. On my own, with my natural abilities I would always slide into selfishness and sloth.

Praised be Jesus Christ!