Detroit, MI.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Beth with our National SPSE team:

Four evangelists made it out this past Holy Saturday to evangelize (Arianna, Mark, Michael, and I). We spoke with a mother and daughter, and the mom was quick to accept a rosary and prayer. She said (with a chuckle) that she needs prayers for humility, then added how she just got a dose of it. I listened to her story and we talked about God’s love and mercy and how we need his grace to grow in virtue. The daughter (Taylor) was not really engaged in the conversation. When we prayed I asked Taylor if there was anything she’d like us to pray for and she gave me an intention. After prayer, Taylor did accept a rosary. May the Lord bless these beautiful souls as they strive to grow in virtue.

Finally, Mark spotted a man passing by wearing a beautiful (and large) cross and made a positive comment about it. That started a conversation of faith. When Mark asked the man if he needed prayer, he said “Yes, for my sons.” So Mark prayed a simple prayer, but it seemed like he was very touched by it. He thanked us and made a comment that sounded to me “that was a first.” To think that the simple gesture of praying out loud with someone who is clearly Christian by the cross he wears was a “first” and was so well accepted. Praying for someone on the spot is easy. It may be awkward at first but you soon get the hang of it.

Praised be Jesus Christ!