Lebanon, OH.

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The following report comes to us from team leader Charlotte with our team in Lebanon, OH:

On Saturday, the St. Francis de Sales and St. Philip SPSE team spent the day at “Let’s Lebanon” event. This event is an expo for local businesses and organizations to get together in one space and gain exposure to the public. We wanted to let the Lebanon community see what SPSE is all about. Special thanks to Charlotte for setting up our booth the Friday before- it was beautiful!

We met those that came to the booth with smiles and friendly hellos and “would you like something free?” We offered books and pamphlets, rosaries, medals and crucifixes. Each booth at the event had an item to raffle off in a drawing. Our raffle items were a rosary bracelet and the book The Joy of Praying the Rosary. To enter the raffle, guests were asked to fill out a prayer request. Many weren’t interested in the drawing, but still left a prayer request. There’s that theme we saw from the team’s first event – the true power is in prayer! Prayer is what people are truly yearning for more than just free stuff. The team will create a prayer journal with these requests submitted at the expo and whenever the team meets we’ll pray for all of these requests and any in the future.

We had a great day meeting the community of Lebanon and letting them know that we existed. Many people thanked us for starting this team and being out there, especially with the way the world is right now. We’re looking forward to meeting more members of this community and anyone the Holy Spirit puts in our path.

Praised be Jesus Christ!