Bradford, IL. Today’s story, the third part in the series, features an East Coast virtual school of evangelization student who is working on her final project (evangelizing in public) before completing the course.

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The following report comes to us from virtual school of evangelization student Marian in Bradford, IL:

“Rita”, a slender elderly woman, walked from her car in the handicapped zone. She had a walker and her right leg seemed less strong. Rita wanted prayer for her health, as she’d had a stroke that has affected her leg and right eye. She also has cancer in both lungs. Unfortunately, Rita stated that she doesn’t have help at home. We prayed for all of these conditions and that she’d come closer to God.

“Cheryl” walked up and was immediately preparing to hand money to us. We declined–twice. She needed prayer for her grandson, “D.J.” who is apparently “troubled”. We prayed for D.J. and his family. As Cheryl walked away, Leigh noticed that she had one knee that was bent inward, so she prayed for Sharon’s knee.

“Corey” works for Walmart as a person who gathers shopping carts. He had passed us a few times. As he awaited a ride for his supper break, he asked for prayers for his grandma, Martha, who is just home after hospitalization for a stroke. He said she’s not able to do anything for herself, so he helps her quite a bit. He seemed genuinely loving toward her. We prayed for improvement of her health.

Praised be Jesus Christ!