Rochester Hills, MI.

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The following report comes to us from school of evangelization instructor Randy in Rochester Hills, MI:

Our SE Michigan school of evangelization had the first day of phone ministry for our host parish, St. Mary of the Hills last night. We were given a list of the “inactives” from the parish records. Grateful that a few lost sheep are now on their way to returning to their Heavenly father from last night!

For example, I spoke with one lady whose life has been extremely difficult during the last 4 years from a divorce, and is experiencing a lot of emotional pain. I prayed for her, and asked her if we could offer a Mass for her intentions, and then asked if she would come to the Mass. She said “Yes!” I also asked her if it would be ok for Fr. Stan to call her, that Fr. Stan could help change your life through God’s love, and she said she’d like that.

I spoke with another young lady who has been scared of Covid, has a daughter in first grade catechism at St. Mary of the Hills, and didn’t know that Mass was being live streamed. has been scared to go to Mass from Covid, and she also admitted that Church hasn’t been at the forefront of her mind. I asked her, if we said a Mass for your intentions, would you be able to attend it, she said, “that would be amazing”.

Debbie, one of our student evangelists, had a phone call where they were grieving the loss of a loved one, and they too said they’d attend a Mass for the intentions of the deceased.

Praised be Jesus Christ!