Ave Maria, FL. Most people desire God’s grace and Mary’s presence and protection, even if they can’t articulate it. In today’s story, we see the simple act of offering a Miraculous Medal in return for a kind gesture of a free rose…well, it opened up other opportunities for Mary to work. Thanks be to God!

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The following report comes to us from team leader Nancy with our team in Ave Maria, FL:

It was another beautiful, sunny day in Florida. Today, I met this sweet lady from Michigan and was admiring her roses. She wanted to share the beauty, so she gave me one! I decided this might be a good time to offer her a gift of a Miraculous Medal, which she accepted. Said she was going to give it to a friend who had cancer. And then she asked if I had another because she wanted one for herself. On top of that, the lady sitting next to her asked for a Miraculous Medal for herself. It was a good day for the Blessed Mother. And for me.

Praised be Jesus Christ!