Cincinnati, OH. A student that fails, but continues to try, will almost certainly make progress at some point. Today’s story features one of our virtual school of evangelization students who struggles with bringing up the more important things in conversation. But thankfully he’s aware of this problem and is making efforts to grow.

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The following report comes to us from virtual school student Don with our team in Cincinnati, OH:

Four evangelists and I set up at our usual at Smale Park which is on the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati. Weather was great. We gave out Miraculous Medals, crucifixes and rosaries as well as a few CDs, books and pamphlets. Our greatest activity was praying with people. We made a list and the intentions were sent to everyone on our email list. One of the people we prayed with was a woman who was out with her family. The day before she celebrated her 100th birthday. She was using a walker but doing great.

One of my personal goals was to get better at moving the conversation into deeper things, to move beyond we have free rosaries. I was not very successful, but it’s a skill I will continue to work on. I also had cards printed with a modified version of the SPSE Gospel Kerygma on one side and the other a bit about who we are with a Cincinnati SPSE email for them to contact if they have questions or need prayers.

Praised be Jesus Christ!