Jim Thorpe, PA.

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The following report comes to us from virtual school student Mary in Jim Thorpe, PA:

I set up our prayer station at our church yard sale with 2 women from my rosary group. A few people came up and were interested in medals. They weren’t Catholic but wanted medals of “the saint who finds things”. Unfortunately, I didn’t have St. Anthony on hand, but promised I would have it next month when we evangelize at the parish garage sale. They accepted a Miraculous Medal and chain for now. I took the opportunity to explain to them that a saint is anyone who makes it to heaven. The saints are close to God, so He listens to them when they ask Him to help you. My friend with me (a former nun) told them that the wearer of the medal will receive protection and graces from Our Lady. The woman took one for her granddaughter along with the brochure Why be Catholic and departed.

A couple approached our table asking about restrooms. I explained that it was at the back of our church. After about 30 min., they returned excited. They both exclaimed that our church was beautiful. They were in their 20s and lived in New Jersey. I shared that I had lived there too and told them where I was from. The young man shared that he went to Ramapo College and majored in Music Business. My son is in music production, so we shared contact information. I asked if he was Catholic and he said yes. “Kyle” was Catholic, while “Beth” was Jewish. That opened a floodgate in my heart, for I love that our precious faith evolved from Judaism. I told her that Jesus was the promised Messiah and that in His time they were looking for someone to free them from their oppression. Jesus came to give them freedom within their souls and that Jesus will return for His people, the Jews. I told her that our Catholic faith has followed Judaism for 2000 yrs. and that we believe in the real presence of Jesus in our church. She was surprised to hear that our tabernacle is designed like the Ark of the Covenant with 2 angels flanking its sides. I believe I planted a seed that the Catholic faith is related to Judaism. They seemed to be in a serious relationship and I told them that we’ll be back next month at the yard sale and would love to talk again. Beth was impressed with the statues, the stained glass windows and how it seemed “easy to pray there.” Kyle mentioned that our church had an air of holiness and told us they hoped to be back next month. I stopped into church afterwards to thank Jesus for sending the couple into the church and asked for blessings on all who helped.

Praised be Jesus Christ!